The world prize for the book of the year of the Islamic Republic of Iran in February 2012


The book Lexicon of Arms and Armor from Iran: A Study of Symbols and Terminology won the prestigeous book prize the World Book Prize of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2012.

What is the World Prize for the Book of the Year?

Notwithstanding the staggering development and variety of the mass media, books are still the most authentic and commendable means of transfering and promoting the culture and the most conspicuous symbol of cultural dynasim. The loftly status of the pen and the sublime rank of writing are continuously respected by the authorities throughout the world. As a system adhering to Islamic instructions with rich Iranian and Iranian culture, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers itself committed to uphold preserve the sacred realm of the pen and support and extol the men of learning. In order to perform this serious duty, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Republic of Iran” in 1983, and “The World Prize for the Islamic Republic of Iran” in 1993, with the aim of selecting and introducing international books, and honoring their creators as thy have elevated the general knowledge and culture, and have developd public familiarity with written heritage. Every year, according to this plan books published within the year before in countries other than Iran in various languages are reviewed and the President’s special Plaque of Commemoration and valuable prizes will be awarded to the authors.
Report on the 19th Round of the World Prize for the Book of the Year of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In this round, after the first selection of about 2500 titles in different fields of Iranian and Islamic studies, 328 titles entered final stages, and were thus evaluated. Among all these, 202 titles were in the field of Islamic studies and 126 titles in the field of Iranian studies. The evaluated books in the field of Islamic studies include: Behavior and Life of the Prophet, Islamic Economics, Scholastic Theology, Theology and Ethics, Translation of Qur’an, Jurisprudism and Islamic Law, Qur’anic Sciences, Qur’anic Studis and Interpretation, Philosophy and Gnosticism, Contemporary Islam, History of Islamic Civilization, Knowldge of Shiite Sources, Political Sciences in the World of Islam, Womens’ Rights, the History of Science, Art and Islamic Architecture. The evaluated books in the field of Iranian studies include: Ancient Iran, Military Scinces, Ancint Iran Civilization, Handicrafts, Art and Iranian Architecture, Literary Criticism, Persian Language and Literature, Persian Lierature and Poetry, Iranian Sociology, Manuscripts Studies, Contemporary History, the History and Thoughts of the Islamic Revolution and Islamic Gnosticism.
The evaluated books are in English, French, Greman, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Arabic, Georgian, Chinese, Urdu, Japanese, Russian, Serbian, Istanbuli and Azari Turkish, Bulgarian, Albanian and Bosnian.

Winners in the Iranian Studies Section 2012
Lexicon of Arms and Armor from Iran: A Study of Symbols and Terminology by Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani (Independent Researcher).

Die Bergwelt des Iran by Karl Gratzl and Robert Kostka
Translation of Shahname Ferdowsi into Georgian by Bala Shaluvashoveyli
An Introduction on the History and Culture of People of Talesh in Russian by Garnik Asaturiyan
Complete Lexicon of Persian into English and Ordu by Seyyed Ali Reza Naqavi
Persian Lexicon into Businiyai by Mobina Moker and Jonita Emamovich
Aspects of the Maritime Silk Road: From the Persian Gulf to the East to the East China Sea by Ralph Kauz
Translation of Popular Iranian Tales into Armenian by Genurg Asaturiyan
Hafiz and the Religion of Love in Classical Persian Poetry by Leonard Lewisohn
Iranian Elites and Turkish Rules: A History of Isfahan in the Saljug Period by David Duran-Guedy
Translation of the Fourth Book of Mathvani Ma’navi into Russian by Natalia Perigarniya
Power, Politics and Religion in Timurid Iran by Beatrice Forbes Manz

Winners in the Islamic Studies Section 2012
Textiles of the Islamic World by John Gillow
Silver Coinage of the Caliphs by A. Shams Eshragh
Translation of the Qur’an into Chinese by Soleiyman Bay Ji Su
Masalah and the Purpose of the Law: Islamic Discourse on Legal Change from the 4th/10th to 8th/14th Century by Felicitas Opwis
The Biography of Muhammad: Nature and Authencity by Gregor Schoeler
The Japanese Translation of the Elements of Islamic Metaphysics of Muhammad Husayn Al-Tabatabai by Shoshi Shinsui
L’Univers Symbolique des Arts Islamiques by Patrick Ringgenbrg
The Transformation of Muslim Mystical Thought in the Ottoman Empire: The Rise of the Halveti Order, 1350-1650 by John J. Curry
Analysing Muslim Traditions: Studies in Legal, Exegetical and Maghāzi Hadith by Harald Motzki
Der Koran als Text der Spätantike: Ein europätischer Zugang by Angelika Neuwirth
The Questions of Wisdom and Existence from the Viewpoint of Ibn Arabi by Ahmad al-Sadeghi
Translation of the Prophet from the Birth to the Prophecy by Mohammad Reza Sarshar into Arabic by Batul Meshkinfam