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Welcome to M. Khorasani Consulting: M. Khorasani Consulting specializes in corporate training, offering seminars, training programs and coaching for companies operating in global markets. Our seminars deal with a wide range of communication-related issues relevant to the corporate world, such as presentation and public speaking, business ethics, intercultural skills and business and financial language skills for English and Spanish. We believe that an effective communication ought to take place at all levels of a company, starting from internal communication among employees to dealing with external clients and customers. Additionally, in global markets, corporations are increasingly faced with linguistic and intercultural challenges. We help our customers to improve the levels of intercultural awareness and effective communication in their companies (see also About us).

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Seminar: One of our areas of specialty is to train our customers to prepare and deliver their presentations and public
speeches in a more efficient and effective way. First, we consult our clients in
order to take certain "presentation variables" into consideration. Then we select for them the appropriate tools for their needs: tools that make a big difference in making a good impression on audience members.

Leadership Seminar: In these times, one of the most important aspects of management is leadership, especially communicative leadership. In communicative leadership, companies emphasize and even prioritize communication (exchange of information) with employees and among employees as one of the most important tools to drive the corresponding business forward.  More

Intercultural Skills: Intercultural Training: These days, more and more businesses and corporations realize the importance of intercultural skills. We would like to stress that cultural awareness has nothing to do with linguistic skills.   More

Business English Training: Today, English is the most important language in the world. It is used in the corporate world to communicate with different people with various linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Most academic publications worldwide are written in English. It functions as a lingua franca (working language) to make communication possible between people not sharing a mother tongue in different contexts and registers. More

Legal English: Legal English, referred to as lawspeak or legalese, is described as the style of English used by lawyers and other legal professionals in the legal field and industry. It is used to write legal drafting, contracts and texts. More specifically these include: a) legal documents such as contracts, licences, b) laws such as court case reports, acts of legislation, c) court judgments and briefs and d) legal correspondence. More

Business Spanish: Spanish is the language spoken by over 400 millions wordwide and knowing business Spanish is crucial to gain access to important global markets.  Spanish is spoken as official language in 1) Spain, 2) Equatorial Guinea, 3) Argentina, 4) Bolivia (official language together with Quechua and Aymara),  . . . More

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