Leadership Seminar: In these times, one of the most important aspects of management is leadership, especially communicative leadership. In communicative leadership, companies emphasize and even prioritize communication (exchange of information) with employees and among employees as one of the most important tools to drive the corresponding business forward. A leader does not need to know everything but he/she should make sure that he/she makes the best use of the knowledge of employees and engages in active communication with them. Therefore, managers should listen actively to their employees and engage in a mutual and constant dialogue with them to ensure that communication channels are open between them. An open atmosphere for communication allows leaders to make the best of their employees’ knowledge and at the same time establish a motivating atmosphere.

In the following we will provide you with some of the contents of our leadership seminar:


  • To bring the company forward,
  • To understand the group dynamics and to lead teams more efficiently,
  • To promote employees and to achieve the best results,
  • To have motivated employees

Target groups:

  • Executives, middle managers and team leaders


  • Understanding the patterns, beliefs and rules that underpin corporate systems,
  • Improving communication skills and fostering a sense of community and partnership,
  • Understanding leadership and human behavior,
  • Formulating effective and realistic goals,
  • Setting individual and group goals,
  • Using one's employees’ strengths and knowledge,
  • Empowering and motivating employees,
  • Conducting interim performance audits,
  • Steering perfomance appraisal towards clear goals,
  • Handling stress,
  • Identifying different types of conflicts and managing conflicts,
  • Mentoring and counseling employees


  • Lecture, discussions, work in groups, role plays



2 days for the start-up session

2 days for an interim session after six months

1 day of coaching


Number of participants: 6-8 participants


Price: Upon request


In the following section some of the leadership tools we work on during the seminar are presented briefly:

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