Business Spanish: Spanish is the language spoken by over 400 millions wordwide and knowing business Spanish is crucial to gain access to important global markets. Spanish is spoken as the official language in 1) Spain, 2) Equatorial Guinea, 3) Argentina, 4) Bolivia (official language together with Quechua and Aymara), 5) Chile, 6) Colombia, 7) Costa Rica, 8) Cuba, 9) Dominican Republic, 10) El Salvador, 11) Guatemala, 12) Honduras, 13) Mexico, 14) Nicaragua, 15) Panama, 16) Paraguay (official language together with Guaraní), 17) Ecuador, 18) Peru (official language together with Quechua and, in some regions, Aymara), 19) Uruguay, 20) Venezuela. Spanish is also the official language (co-official with English) in 21) Puerto Rico. It is
important to note that 34 million people (12.2 percent of the US population more than five years old) speak Spanish at home as well. We offer a wide range of business Spanish classes concentrating on the structure of the Spanish language (grammatical structures), business vocabulary and texts.  More

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