51) XVIII FISAS International Meeting 2017

April 27, 2017

On April 27, 2017 I flew to Venice, Italy to teach in another FISAS event. This time was XVIII FISAS International Meeting in Treviso, Italy scheduled for April 29 - May 01, 2017. FISAS had been one of the best events I had seen and I was sure it would be no exception that time. This time I was scheduled to teach four seminars instead of two: two in Persian war wrestling and two in Persian neyze (lance / spear). The list of 14 instructors was really impressive who would teach different weapons: More

50) Razmafzar Seminars and conferences in Tehran Dec 2016-Jan 2017: I flew to Tehran, Iran with my family to spend some time with my parents and at the same time to teach Razmafzar seminar at the dojos of Shihan Mohammad Nazari (6th dan Kyokushinkai Karate). It was really a big honor to teach in the dojo of this powerful karate style with so many national champs of Iran.  I was so happy to be back in Tehran, my city. How much I love the city. More

49) Malta Historical Fencing 6th International Meeting 25-26-27 November 2016: On 25, November I flew to Malta to teach wrestling techniques in spear fight and shamshir and separ. It was my four time to teach in that wonderful event and it is always a pleasure to teach there. I tore my PCL in the right knee on September 09 in wrestling.  For the last three months my right leg had been in a straight knee brace for one month and then for two months it had been in flexible Jack brace. I had to keep my word and teach there so even a PCl tear could not prevent me from teaching. .......MORE

48) Persian/Iranian wrestling seminar in Malta, August 20-21, 2016

August 19, 2016

I arrived in Malta in the evening and my friend and brother Maestro Andrei Xuereb, head of MHFA was already waiting for me there in the airport. Andrei kindly invited me to stay at his place during the seminar. He drove to his place and then we went to a restaurant.  We went to a nice restaurant and there our friend Mr. Brian Robert Gatt, who is also from MHFA, joined us there.  I was happy to see Brian. They kindly invited me to dinner there. This was a wonderful evening. It was so good to be back in Malta.  I have been to different wonderful events organized by MHFA and it is always a true pleasure to be there again. More

47) My journey to Znojmo, Czech Republic, July 25-27, 2016: 

July 25, 2016: After teaching legal English to my clients, I went to the Frankfurt Airport and flew to Prague around 6 p.m. I was really happy to be back in Prague to get to know the country better. I had been there already twice but did not have a chance to see the country. Dr. Jiří Mačuda (PhD) from Jihomoravské Museum kindly invited me to Znojmo.  Ms. Andrea Duka, Razmafzar team member, had kindly established contact and Dr. Mačuda was very positive and happy and immediately extended his invitation to me through Andrea. Having being to different countries, I have learned that in each country, we can find beautiful places, friendly people and exceptional experiences. So I was really looking forward to going to Prague. I arrived in Prague MORE

46) TV Interview and Razmafzar Seminar in Tehran, Iran, July 07-11, 2016: Some months ago, a young award-winning director (Literature award of theater of Iran in 2014) named Mr. Milad Hosseini had contacted me through a friend Mr. Mehdi Hosseinzadeh to ask for my cooperation on a documentary on Iranian military history and tradition.  I was really happy to get to know Milad a very enthusiastic, creative and determined personality.  I sent him my books and our cooperation started from there. Months later, Milad informed me that he had talked and introduced me to Mr. Nader Talebzadeh, a famed and award-winning Iranian film director, film producer and a documentary filmmaker. Mr. Talebzadeh is a graduate of the Columbia University Film School  in the USA. His works include a famed TV series titled the Messiah and also numerous award-winning documentary films about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction during Iran-Iraq war.  MORE

45) Event "Pfeil und Bogen" (Arrow and Bow) in Römerkastell Saalburg, Bad Homburg, Germany on July 03, 2016: My dear friends Ms. Pettra Engeländer and Mr. Martin Rutishauser kindly invited me to the event. Different groups were scheduled to present different types of historcial archery such as the English longbow, hosreback archery, Persian archery etc. I arrived at 10:00 in the morning there and was introduced to Mr.  Rüdiger Schwarz, the organizer of the event. MORE

44) International Research Conference on the History of Arms and Armor in Kyiv (Ukraine), May 16-18, 2016

Culture and Educational Programme for Participants of the Second International Research Conference on the History of Arms and Armour (May 19-22)

I flew from Frankfurt am Main Germany to Warsaw.  There I had to wait two hours and met my friend Maestro Andrea Lupo Sinclair Founder and Technical Advisor of FISAS (Italy).  I had already met Andrea in different FISAS events where I had been invited as an instructor as well as in events of MHFA on Malta. Both of us were invited to hold a speech in a very important academic conference titled "The Second International Research Conference on the History of Arms and Armor in Kyiv which was going to take place between May 16-18, 2016  MORE

43) Chinese and Persian Swordsmanship, Amersfoort, Netherlands, April 29 - May 02, 2016:

April 29, 2016: China has always fascinated me next to Japan.  The Chinese civilization had always been in contact with Persian culture through the Silk Road and hence I was always interested in China, Chinese culture and language and of course Chinese martial arts and historical arms and armor.  Next to wrestling and Japanese karate, I trained for years in two styles of Kungfu and hence I had been already exposed to the Chinese martial arts.  I was scheduled to work with Mr. Scott Rodell, an expert on Chinese swordsmanship and martial arts as well as an expert on antique Chinese arms and armor.  I had known Scott for years where we altready acted as moderators on Swordforum International (SFI) starting from 1999-2000.  More

42) FISAS: XVII 2016, Verona, Italy

April 23, 2016: Ancient Iranians say you can measure the intentions and the purity of the soul of a human being not only by their actions, but by their thoughts and by their words.  No wonder ancient Persians lived by the principles of Pendar neek (good thoughts), goftar neek (good speech) and kerdar neek (good deeds). The triangle which offered the base for the Zoroastrian religion. They say be always faithful to a person who has given you something and never break your words. They say be honest to people who support you and share their food with you.  That is to say to respect and honor the salt.  In a world where egotism rules, where betrayals are commonplace and where backstabbing seems to be ingrained in cultural fabric of many societies, FISAS has always offered a safe haven for me to see my best friends and colleagues, to realize my 30-man weapon fight, to learn new techniques, to share food and then have the honor to share salt (haqq-e namak).  On April 23, I flew to Verona to be back in the sanctuary of FISAS.  more


41) 11th Human Pankration Workshop in Dietzenbach, Germany, March 26, 2016:  On March 26, 2016 I drove to Dietzenbach to conduct a session on Razmafzar war wrestling in the 11th workshop of Human Pankration Germany.  Mr. Lupo Mark De Fazio kindly invited me to conduct my seminar after his workshop on some grappling and striking techniques of Human Pankration.  Mark started his seminar by explaining how to defend vs a jab and then a back fist by bringing up the guard, going to the side and blocking the opponent's strikes in a sequence.  Then one had to deliver two oblique kicks once to the front leg of the opponent and then to the back leg.  As proven in many MMA fights, oblique kicks are truly devastating and can be very effective as one can hardly see and defend them properly. More

40) Sword techniques of Bujinken Ninjutsu and Razmafzar: On March 12, 2016 I drove to SHIN TAI GAN DOJO in Dietzenbach, Germany to teach Persian shamshir and separ.  Three instructors were scheduled to teach at the event: 1) Sword techniques of Bujinkan Ninjutsu "Ken Tai Ichi Yo bin" by Mr. Lupo Mark De Fazio (blackbelt), 2) Persian shamshir and separ by me and 3) test cutting by Mr. Claus Pleiner from Bujinkan Ninjtsu und Ken Jitsu. MORE

39) A.I.M.A Roma 2016: March 03, 2016: On Thursday March 03, 2016 I flew to Rome, Italy to take part in A.I.M.A 2016.   A.I.M.A 2016 is the most important HEMA event in southern Italy.  Mr. Francesco Lodà, the president of the organization kindly invited me to the event and I would like to thank him for his hospitality.  In the aiport, I met Mr. Chris Chatfield, the head of 1595 Club in the UK. What a polite and interesting gentleman I thought.  I also met another instructor Mr. Anton Kohutovič, what a pleasant and interesting personality.  Little did I know that I would really start to appreciate both gentlemen as true fighters and martial artists and kind personalities.  One of A.I.M.A. members kindly gave us a ride to the hotel, where all events and conferences were planned to take place. MORE

38) Conference "Kunst dye dich zyret: Fechten als Mittel persönlicher und institutioneller Repräsentation" February 18-20, 2016: On Februray 18, I took ICI (fast train) from Frankfurt to Leibzig and then a regional train from Leibzig to Chemnitz to take part in an academic conference organized by TU Chemnitz (Technical University of Chemnitz). The conference was titled ""Kunst dye dich zyret: Fechten als Mittel persönlicher und institutioneller Repräsentation" [Conference "Kunst dye dich zyret: Fencing as personal and institutional representation]. Mr. Thore Wilkens kindly invited me to the conference. MORE

37) Wrestling on horseback at Independent European Horseback Archery School, February 06, 2016: Early in the morning on February 06, 2015, I arrived in Stendorf to train with Ms.Pettra Engeländer and Mr. Martin Rutishauser.  It is truly a privilege to have Pettra and Martin as my riding instructors, two riding and horse archery professionals.  I cannot thank enough Pettra for providing me with such an opportunity.  After greeting and brushing the horses Merlin and Bali, we started the training with the riding exercises I had learned in the previous sessions: riding to the left, riding to the right, stopping the horse, walking and trotting the horse. MORE

36) The bow and the horse: Training at the Independent Horseback Archery School January, 29, 2016: I drove on January 29, 2016 to Fohlenweide to train again with Ms. Pettra Engeländer. Pettra kindly invited me to take part in a 3-day seminar on horsemanship and horseback archery for her students.  I could only make it for one day due to my time restrictions.  Additionally, three of her senior students were planned to take a test in the Independent Horseback Archery School program.  I could only train one day but I knew how great the lessons of Pettra and Martin were and was looking really forward to it. I arrived at 10:30 there and directly headed to the seminar and the training place with the horses.   MORE

35) Razmafzar Seminar in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, January 23-24, 2016: On January 23, 2016, I travelled early in the morning to Schwäbisch Gmünd to conduct a 2-day Razmafzar seminar for the Ritterschaft zu Gmünd from the Club Staufersaga in Schwäbisch Gmünd (Germany). This is a historical and stage fencing group of the Association of Staufersaga e.V. in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Mr. Sergej Ermolaev (the main fencing  instructor of the organization) kindly invited me to teach this seminar.  He is an experienced HEMA instructor and a martial artist.  It took me more than 3 and half hours to arrive there.  It was an icy and cold day and it was freezing rain everywhere making the roads slippery.  I arrived in my hotel in Schwäbisch Gmünd and was kindly greeted by Mr. Sergej Ermolaev.  More

34) Merging the power of the horse and deep snow at Independent Horseback Archery School January 21, 2016: I drove early in the morning to go and was privileged to learn again from Ms. Pettra Engeländer. I was also very happy to learn from Mr. Martin Rutishauser.  I had already practiced the valuable lessons I learned from pettra on Dec. 30, 2015.  But January 21 was an icy day and lots of snow was the ground especially in the training area and ranch of Ms. Pettra Engeländer. More

33) Becoming a Centaur at Independent European Horseback Archery School, December 30, 2015: What a wonderful day to finish the year 2015.  After a year of intensive training, fights and research, that very day provided me with a unique experience. The day of December 30, 2015 was a very special day for me.  I got up early in the morning and started to drive to the training center of Independent European Horseback Archery School run by my dear friend Ms. Pettra Engeländer and his partner Mr. Martin Rutishauser.  They came to my training center to train Razmafzar two weeks earlier and Pettra kindly offered to teach me, Andrea and other Razmafzar members natural riding which was suited to horseback fighting.  According to Pettra, fighting on horseback is not only riding fast in a lane and swinging a weapon or shooting at a target which never shoots back at you.  Pettra rightly expressed her view that the horse should become the legs of a warrior.  To reflect her opinion she showed me some clips on how horses were used in bullfighting and how they could avoid the attacks of bulls.  More

32) MHFA International Meeting 2015, 11-13 December 2015 (Malta):

I was really pressed for time so I could only book a flight on December 11 to Malta.  I had been to different events before and had been involved in many projects. But going to Malta meant a lot to me.  First I was going to meet my friends Maestro Andrei Xuereb and his team members.  Andrei is truly a professional swordsman and martial artist.  Techniques do not only make up a man and a warrior but his behavior at the same time.  Andrei represents both excellent techniques and martial spirit and at the same time he represents the spirit of chivalry what we call javanmardi in Persian and Japanese bushido. A  More

31) The Sword Form & Thought 19th-20th November 2015, Deutsches Klingenmuseum, Solingen (Germany)

Nov 20, 2015: I was invited by Mr. Sixt Wetzler and his colleagues Ms. Lisa Deutscher and Ms. Mirjam Kaiser to hold a lecture on the terminology of Persian shamshir in the academic event "The Sword Form & Thought 19th-20th November 2015, Deutsches Klingenmuseum, Solingen".  Unfortunately, due to some professional reasons I could only take part in the event on November 20, 2015. Solingen is a beautiful town and used to be one of the major centers of sword and blade making in Germany and Europe.  MORE

30) Aga Khan University (London, UK): Persian Fire and Steel: Historical Firearms of Iran: Wednesday Nov.  04, 2015: My dear friend and colleague, Dr Stéphane Pradines had kindly invited me to give a lecture at the Aga Khan University on my current research on Persian firearms and my upcoming book "Persian Fire and Steel: Historical Firearms of Iran".  I had been in contact with Stéphane over a period of one year and I have to say it had always been a very fruitful and productive cooperation.  Stéphane is a renowned archaeologist, fortification expert and weapon researcher and has always been supportive of my research.  It is always great to work with expert colleagues on related subjects. I flew on Wednesday 04, 2015 from Frankfurt to London.  It was a rainy day.  I took the Heathrow Express to arrive to Paddington.  From there I took the bus to get to my hotel which was within a short walking distance to the Aga Khan University.  I went out to eat and then came back to my hotel and worked on my presentation slides for the following day which had the same title as my upcoming book "Persian Fire and Steel: Historical Firearms of Iran". . . . MORE

29) Restoration of a Persian shamshir for MAM project (Brescia, Italy)

Friday, October 30, 2015: I arrived in Verona, Italy at 8 o'clock and Mr. Roberto Gotti was already waiting there for me.  It was such a great pleasure to meet Roberto again.  I had met him in the event WMAW (Western Martial Arts Workshop) 2015 in the USA some weeks before.  He invited me to restore his Persian shamshir, to see his private collection of arms and armor, to see the collection of European arms and armor in the Museo delle armi in the castle of Brescia and to spar and train together.  Roberto is an experienced European Martial Arts instructor specialized in the long sword.  I was really happy to learn the form of the long sword from him and to discuss and show him shamshir techniques.  ........... MORE

28) 10 Workshop HUMAN PANKRATION in Dietzenbach, Germany, October 10, 2015.On October, 10, I drove to Dietzenbach Germany to teach at Asia-Fitness Park.  It was the 10 Workshop HUMAN PANKRATION there.  My dear friend, Mr. Lupo Mark de Fazio, president and head of Human Pankration (Hesse, Germany) invited me to teach war wrestling in that event. Mark and his other instructors Mr. Christoph Nickel, Mr. Gerrit Rexroth and Mr. Steffen Schulz would teach different aspects of the powerful art of Human Pankration.  I have always admired this powerful art which consists of a solid arsenal of throws, groundword, armbars, chokes, footlocks and all different strikes.  More

27) WMAW 2015, Racine, USA: I had been looking forward to the event WMAW 2015 for a long time. That would be my 27th swordsmanship and martial arts event within the last two years, but WMAW presented something special to me.  I was going back close to where I went to the university at UWM.  Actually very close.  That was the place where I spent very good years of my life as an undergraduate student and each time when I go back to the USA, it reminds me of Ithaca.  The island of Odysseus and the ten eventful years that took him to go back home.  I have lived, studied and worked in different countries and each country has its advantages of course.  The advantage of the USA is undoubtfully its capability of integrating new immigrants, its positive attitude to innovation and integration and a model for looking foward into future. 


26) 50(48)-Man Weapon Fight in Hamburg, Germany, Sept 05, 2015: Mr. Marcus Hampel, the president and Head of Anno 1838, Hau- und Stoßfechten in Hamburg, was one of the first Hema instructors who gave his full support to conduct another 100 man fight after my first attempt in Prague on Sept 11, 2014.  I still remember his kind letter of support in September 2014  We have received different letters of support and offers to conduct other 100-man fight trials from Russian Federation, Ukraine, Finland, Germany, the UK and Germany.  I would like to thank all federations for their kind support here again.  MORE

25) FISAS (Bologna, Italy May 01-03, 2015): How do you start to write a report about an event which leaves a lasting memory in your life?  How do you start to write a report about a meeting which marks your thoughts and memories? How do you start to write a report about a HEMA event which makes you so sad to go back to your country of residence? This was the FISAS (Federazione Italiana Scherma Antica e Storica) event which took place in the beautiful city of Bologna (Italy) from May 01-03, 2015. Mr. Alberto Balasso, the president of FISAS kindly invited me to teach two seminars in this event on Persain neyze (spear). The scheduled classes included: Link

24) ISS (International Sabre Symposium) in Hamburg, Germany 2015: On Friday March 27, 2015, Heiko Grosse (head of Broadsword Germany) and Peter Stapel (member of Broadsword Germany) and I took the fast train to Hamburg to take part in the following event of ISS (International Sabre Symposium 2015).  I was scheduled to teach thw class "The role of wrestling throws and locks in saber and shield armored combat".  Heiko was going to teach "Opposing the Bayonet".  I also asked Heiko to teach Double Shamshir as he is also an active member and staff of Razmafzar organization.  The scheduled classes were: MORE

23) Saint Petersburg (Russia, December 10-15, 2014)

December 10, 2014: I flew to Russia on December 10.  To be more precise I took the plane to the magnificent city of Sankt Petersburg.  My good friend Aleksey Kuochnin picked me up in the airport.  Aleksey is truly a great friend and had already organized a seminar on Indian and Persian swordsmanship the previous year in Moscow.  I was really happy to see Aleksey. Aleksey is an avid practitioner of Indian martial arts, a very good researcher with published articles on antique arms and armor and has also very good contacts to the Russian museums. More

22) Nikolaus-Budo-Lehrgang 2014 (Forchheim, Germany): This was a charity event organized by Mr. Michael Kann in cooperation with the Weisser Ring to help the victims of viloence and crime.  This event takes place in Forchheim each year. This year the event was scheduled to take place on 06-07 of December 2014.  The list of instructors were: more


21) 4th International Meeting Malta Historical Fencing Association 28-30 Novemver 2014: Thursday, November 27, 2014: It was a Thursday. To be more precsie November 27, 2014.  It was very early and as I had been preparing my baggage the night before, I rarely had a chance to get enough sleep, but that had been the pattern for many years in my life ever since I started to embark on the journey of doing research on Iranian arms and armor intensified by my activities in the field of Persian historical swordsmanship and martial arts.  I grabbed my bag and headed to the airport.  There I met my assistent instructor in Razmafzar Heiko Grosse.  Heiko is a very good friend and a pillar in Razmafzar team. We were heading to Malta to attend the 4th International Meeting Malta Historical fencing Association which was planned to take place from 28-30 November 2014.  I was really looking forward to attending the workshops and seeing my friends there again.  My dear friend Mr. Andrei Xuereb the President of Malta Historical Fencing Association and his team members.  The planned schedule for workshops and the main instructors were the following: More


20) Harnischtreffen 26-28 Sept in Burg Husen (Germany): I was invited to teach Razmafzar, hold a speech on the development of armor in Iran and as well show the reproduction of the Safavid armor made by Razmafzar armorer Mr. Sergey Gorbatko.  On Saturday 26 September, Mr. Heiko Grosse, my assistant instructor came to pick me up at 8 o'clock. My children were already awake.  Heiko fetched me and we headed to Burg Husen.  On the way, we discussed the future expansion plan and seminar programs for the Razmafzar organization as well the pending research programs.  We had received myn encouraging messages from 9 deferations from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Italy, Malta, Portugal, UK and Spain and we happily discussed that.  More

19) 100-Man Weapon Fight

Persian sources talk about the legendary hero of one thousand man "Hezarmard" a hero who survived one thousand fights.  In the same spirit japanese kendo has tachikiri/tachigiri no seigan as a test of courage, endurance and stamina.  As a former Kyokushinkai and an admirer of Soke Mas Oyama I have been admiring the one-hundred man fight kyokushin test. Only few blackbelts worldwide have passed the test. Many tried but failed.  Everyone who knows fullcontact knows how hard the Kyokushin as a bare knuckle fight is.  Although one hundred man fight is very hard and fullcontact its goal is not to destroy the candidate and to knock him out as it is done in the Kyokushinkai world championships or selection tournaments.  Moreover one wants to test the courage, stamina, determination and willingness of the candidate.  More

18) The II International Lowlands HEMA Gathering in Oegstgeest (the Netherlands): I arrived on Friday September 06 in Amsterdam Airport.  It had been a hard week.  On 4-5 September, I gave a seminar at Zeppelin Universität and had to drive all way back from Freidrichshafen to Frankfurt.  When I arrived Mr. Bjorn van der Klugt picked me up. We talked during the ride about the HEMA scene in the Netherlands.  He kindly drove me to my hotel and even accompanied me to do a small grocery shopping as usual lots of water and fruit.  My team had booked the hotel for me as we did not know shortly before the event where I was going to stay. My team had already took care of the flight some weeks before.  More

17) Razmafzar Seminar in Glasgow, Scotland 02-03 August 2014

I arrived in Edinburgh (Scotland) on August 01, 2014.  When my plane landed with its tyres screeching, it was a nice sunny day. I had been on the road very often and that trip was another in a row to represent Persian martial arts to the world.  But this time I was really happy as I was travelling to Scotland. My friend Mr. Javed Ali from al Andalus Centre Glasgow was expecting me at the Edingburgh Airport.  It was the first time that I met Javed a very friendly and welcoming gentleman.   More

16) The Rossfechten Symposium in Zweibruecken (Germany) from July, 24-27, 2014.

The Rossfechten Symposium took place in Zweibruecken (Germany) from July, 24-27, 2014. Due to my heavy workload working for a museum project, my upcoming book on Persian firearms and at the same time my teaching seminars for different companies, I was only able to arrive on Saturday July 26 in the evening. I had met hardly anyone in person before going there, so I did not really know what was expecting me there. The only person I had shortly met before was Mr. Alex Kiermeyer on ISS 2014 in Hamburg, Germany. Having been on the road for almost 2 weekends a month for the Razmafzar project for the last 2 years and running two companies have proved to me like a long-distance swimming race..  .  More

15) Human Pankration and Razmafzar

On July 05, I picked up my friend Heiko Grosse (Razmafzar Staff and Instructor) and we both headed to train and teach at the 08. Human Pankration in Hesse.  I had already met the chief trainer Mr. Lupo Mark de Fazio. Mr. de Fazio is an exprienced trainer in Pancration a style which I truly like.  Like other styles I practiced, Pancration is reality based.  I met Marc during our Open Day in Noruken.  A very professional and friendly gentleman and an excellent coach and fighter.  More

14) Open Day Noruken Dojo in Dietzenbach, Germany

We had an open day in  Noruken Dojo in Dietzenbach (Germany) on May 18, 2014 from 10 - 18 p.m. More

13) FISAS meeting 2014 (Lake Garda, Italy)

This event takes place every year in Italy to bring together a number of swordsmanship and fencing instructors from different countries to exchange ideas, teach particpants and have free bout sessions. That was the XVth International Meeting of FISAS which was going to take place in San Zeno di Montagna on the beautiful Lake Garda from 24-27 April 2014.  The event took place in the memory of Ms. Manuela Lecchi.   More

12) ISS (International Sabre Symposium) in Hamburg (Germany), April 5-6, 2014

This year event of ISS (International Sabre Symposium) took place from 04-05 April 2014. Mr. Marcus Hampel and Mr. Stefan Dieke organized another wonderful event for the fighters, swordsmen, fencers and enthusiasts of historical fighting arts.  The whole symposium is dedicated to the study of the saber in its different variants. The instructors who were scheduled to teach at ISS (International Sabre Symposium) 2014 were as the following: Mr. Stefan Dieke from Alte Kampfkunst, Mr. Marcus Hampel from Hammaborg - Historischer Schwertkampf e. V., Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani from Razmafzar Organization, Mr. Heiko Grosse from Broadsword Academy Germany, Mr. Alex Kiermayer from Lungenfuchser, more.

11) Persian Swordsmanship Seminar in Prague for CSFA (15-16 March 2014)

Mr. Herbert Heissler kindly invited me to hold a Razmafzar seminar (Persian swordsmanship and war wrestling) for the CSFA (Czech Stunt Fighters Association) in Prague for a two-day seminar (15-16 March 2014). Mr. Heissler is the Vice President of the organization and other members are Mr. Igor Krištof (Chairman of the Board), Mr. Pavel Plch (Vice President), Mr. Jan Spicka (Committee member) and Mr. Tomáš Tvrdík (Committee member). More

10) Workshop on Human Pankration, Dogbrothers Stickfighting and Razmafzar in Frankfurt, Germany, March 08, 2014,

Three instructors, three fullcontact martial arts, three workshops

On March 08, 2014, a workshop on three effective fullcontact fighting arts: Human Pankration (conducted by Mr. Christoph Nickel), Dog Brothers Stickfighting (conducted by Mr. Nils Hartmann "C-Angry Dog") and Razmafzar (conducted by Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani) took place in Budokan Dojo in Frankfurt, Germany....More

9) First International Research Conference on Weaponology in Kiew, Ukraine from February 16-19, 2014.
On February 15, 2014 I flew to Kiew to take part in the First International Research Conference on Weaponology in Ukraine. My friend Dr. Denis Toichkin from the Institute of History of Ukraine kindly invited me to hold a speech on one part of my research on historical arms and armor from Iran. A number of international experts in the field of historical arms and armor were invited to the conference. Each researcher was asked to provide a short and a long article on a specific research subject. The short article would be published as a short essay in a peer-review booklet and the long articles would be published as a large book in the following months. More

In this section, we report about all seminars related to Razmafzar and also exhibitions on Persian arms and armor.

8) Nikolaus Budolehrgang 2013, 07-08.12.2013

..... We were heading to Forchheim for a weekend seminar to teach swordsmaship in Nikolaus Budolehrgang to different martial artists from different disciplines to support a charity event organized by Mr. Michael Kann (Mike).  More


Thursday, 21 November 2013


6) Seminar: Persian and Indian Fighting Techniques in Moscow 21-22 September 2013

Seminar conducted by Mr. Aleksey Kurochkin, Ms. Maria Morozova and Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani


5) Ba Chukhe Wrestling and Koresh wrestling (Traditional wrestling arts of Khorasan) On 22 August 2013, my father and I travelled to Bojnord, Khorasan.  We got up early in the morning to travel .......


4) On 20 August 2013, I flied to Iran to continue my research. Part of my plan was to see Mr. Ali Ghoorchian. Our plan was to have a seminar in Razmafzar to demonstarte: 1) archery techniques, 2) basic shamshir and separ combinations on foot, 3) swordsmanship on horseback, 4) war wrestling on foot and spearfighting on horseback.  All techniques are described in Persian manuscripts as described in my last book "Persian Archery and Swordsmanship: Historical Martial Arts of Iran".. More

3) The following two videos show some impressions from the Razmafzar Seminar in Dietzenbach, Germany 2013, which took place in Noruken Dojo. The members of the Scottish swordsmanship of the Cateran Society Germany took part in the seminar. More


2) The Razmafzar seminar in Turku (Finland) was truly a great event. Our special thanks to Sensei Anssi Ruusuvuori for organizing and inviting the participants for this event.  The participants were from Budokawi Karate (Wado-Ryu Team, Turku, Finland). The higher rank members of the seminar were Sensei Mika Rintamäki (black belt), Sensei Anssi Ruusuvuori (black belt), Mr. Ismo Laitakari (brown belt), Mr. Jarkko Järvinen (brown belt) and Mr. Ari Silén (blue belt).  

1) A video trailer on war wrestling in Turku.


2) A video trailor on shamshir and separ and wrestling with weapons in Turku.



1) International Sabre Symposium 2013 was a great event. All participants had a unique chance to show, compare and exchange ideas for different training sessions. Again our special thanks to Mr. Dieke and Mr. Hampel. Please watch the following trailers where Razmafzar is also shown and presented. It was a wonderful event

Link 1



Link 2