8) Nikolaus Budolehrgang 2013

I got up early in the morning. It was 5:30 and could not stay in bed any longer.  I knew that Heiko, Razmafzar trainer and team member would arrive at 6:30. He arrived at 6:30 in the morning on Saturday 08.12.2013.  We were heading to Forchheim for a weekend seminar to teach swordsmaship in Nikolaus Budolehrgang to different martial artists from different disciplines to support a charity event organized by Mr. Michael Kann (Mike). This event takes place each year in December. This event took place in 2000 for the first time.

Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani, Michael Kann, Heiko Grosse


Ever since, Mr. Kann has been organazing this event relentlessly with the help of his dedicated team.   Trainers and all people who attend this seminar make donations and these donations are collected and given to the organization "Weisser Ring". The organization "Weisser Ring" is dedicated to the help of victims who suffered from criminal acts. Everyone invloved in law enforement, legal profession or charity and support organizations knows that after a criminal act, the public interest revolves around the criminal act itself, the personality of the perpetrator, his/her persecution and conviction.

Part of the trainers' team


This notion is strengthened by the media.  But noone shows real interest in the victim and his/her situation and destiny after the criminal act. The German organization "Weisser Ring" offers professional support for the victims of criminal acts and their families. It helps each individual victim of a criminal act by offering individual counselling. The organization also supports the victims during the trial process and accompanies them to court trials. Other forms of help and support of the organization includes: finding a suitable lawyer, assistence to find the proper psychotraumatological counselling, counselling for medical check, forensic examination even without a lawsuit in effect, support for victims of sexual acts and crimes, etc.

The Nikolaus Budolehrgang was supported by Mr. Michael Hofmann, member of the Bavarian Parliament for Forchheim, this year. The invited instructors were:

Mr. Andreas "Big Daddy" Kraniotakes: MMA und Grappling

Mr. Ferdinand Mack: Kickboxing

Mr. Patrick Talmon: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Mr. Mustafa Balkan: Jeet Kune Do

Mr. Axel Franke: Ninjutsu

Mr. Andreas Pfingstl: All-in-one-martial-arts-concept

Mr. Michael Nitz: Kajukenbo

Mr. Andreas Grüttner: Kali Sikaran

Mr. Ramadan Selimi: Shoot Boxing

Mr. Christian von Praun: Individual Combat System

Mr. Heiko Grosse: Scottish Broadsword and

Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani: Persian shamshir and Separ and Persian Qame and Qaddare.


During our journey, we talked about Razmafzar project.  The whole time I was thinking that having Heiko on my team was a true blessing and one of the best choices I had ever made.  Heiko is an experienced swordsman, martial artist, researcher and a true gentleman.  He is exactly what I have always wished to have as one of my instructors for Razmafzar and a member of my team.  He never refrains from fighting, be it a fullcontact swordfight, wrestling, wrestling with strikes (MMA) , etc.  A true warrior spirit. At the same time, Heiko has written a book in German on Scottish Swordsmanship which will be published in Germany soon.  He is also very active on the research team of Razmafzar and has written a number of articles with me.  


We arrived around 8 o'clock there and met Mr. Michael Kann.  He is a true gentleman and a very friendly person.  It was really interesting to see that he was dressed up as Nikolaus and I thought that children would love to see him that way and that was really the case. First, Mr, Kann introduced the event and we trainers lined up behind him.  His introduction was followed by speeches by Mr. Michael Hofmann from Bavarian Parliament and Ms. Monika Vieth from Weisser Ring.


On the opposite side, there were participants and there were surely more than 400 people.  It was really impressive to see different martial artists who participated in the event.  It truly brought tears to my eyes to see martial artists from MMA, BJJ, Karate, Kungfu, Taekwondo, Judo, HEMA, etc. there.  All lined up together to say no to criminal acts. Everyone there made donations to Weisser Ring and all trainers worked there for free.  One workshop followed the others in three different training halls simultaneously.  It was an impeccable organization.  Each participant could train for more than 9 hours each day if he/she wanted to. 


I was one of the first instructors to begin and started with Persian shamshir and separ.  I was really happy to see more than 60 people attending my seminar. Heiko kindly assisted me during the seminar.  I taught the participants the following combinations of shamshir (saber) and separ (shield).  Due to the lack of time I only showed the variation behind the shield:

Combination 1šamšir bar farq zadan: to strike the sword on top of the head

šamšir bar gardan zadan (az čap bar rāst zadan): to strike the neck (from left to right), šamšir bar farq zadan: to strike the sword on top of the head


Combination 2: šamšir bar farq zadan: to strike the sword on top of the head šamšir bar gardan zadan (az rāst bar čap zadan): to strike the neck (from right to left), šamšir bar farq zadan: to strike the sword on top of the head


Combination 3: šamšir bar farq zadan: to strike the sword on top of the head šamšir bar zir-e baqal zadan: to strike the armpit, šamšir bar farq zadan: to strike the sword on top of the head


Combination 4: šamšir bar farq zadan: to strike the sword on top of the head, šamšir bar pāy zadan (az rāst bar čap zadan): to strike the leg (from right to left), šamšir bar gardan zadan (az čap bar rāst zadan): to strike the neck (from left to right).


We took some extra swords and shields for the event with us.  Some participants from HEMA groups had their own swords and bucklers. But as many were from empty-handed disciplines, they did not have any sword.  We distributed the swords we had.  Many took up sticks and participated in the seminar.  Each seminar took 1 hour 45 minutes.  After that there was a 15 minutes break and the next seminar started. Heiko kindly assisted me during the seminar.


The second seminar of mine was about how to use Persian qame (straight double-edged sword). I talked about the usage of the qame in duels and taught the participants basic guards and movements with a qame.  Then I taught them the techniques:


- to feint the technique of qame bar band-e dast zadan (to hit [the opponent’s] wrist [holding his weapon] with a qame) and qame dar gardan navāxtān (to hit someone [the opponent] with a qame on the neck).


- pahnā-ye qame bar dam-e qame dādan (to give the back of the blade to the edge of the [coming] blade; to defend with the back of the qame against the incoming qame edge of the opponent) and follow up with the technique of qame dar gardan navāxtān (to hit someone [the opponent] with a qame on the neck).


- band-e dast rā gereftan (to grab the wrist [of the opponent]) and applying a side throw from war wrestling.


After this seminar, Heiko started with his own seminar on Scottish swordsmanship assisted by his student Peter.  His seminar included:


- Introduction to the use of the Highland Broadsword - The Regimental Broadsword-System of the British Army. Fighting with the Scottish or Highland Broadsword in duel, self-defense and battlefield combat. 


- Introduction to the history of the Highland Broadsword, clans and regiments

- Basics, footwork, guards, 7 cuts

- Lunge & shift-exercise, use of the tactic strike and fly out


- Direct counters with the use of shift and slip

- The use of the traverse (offline-footwork)

- Tactic of enclose and command with disarms, elbow-Lock, pommel-punches, throws etc.

- The Use of the back of the blade in offense and defense.


I also watched the wonderful seminar by Mr. Andreas "Big Daddy" Kraniotakes.  It was a joy to watch a seminar conducted by a MMA professional.  It was a wonderful seminar.


On Saturday, 400 - 450 athletes participated in the event and on Sunday there were 250 - 300.  It was truly a great event. Saturday evening we headed back to Frankfurt.  This event was specially important to me as helping victims of crime is truly an honor and I really loved to do that.  I believe that this is truly in line with javānmardi principles and spirit.  At the end I would really like to thank Mr. Michael Kann for having organized such a wonderful event.


Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani