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Article on Razmafzar in the Stadtpost Dietzenbach

Mr. Sommer from the important German daily newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau has interviewed Dr. Khorasani on Razmafzar (research and training methods). We would like to thank Mr. Sommer for his kindness. 

Article on Razmafzar in the Offenbach Post

Ms. Simone Weil from "Offenbach Post" has kindly interviewed Dr. Khorasani and Mr. heiko Grosse on Razmafzar: Historical Archery, Swordsmanship and Martial arts. In this interview, Dr Khorasani and Mr. Grosse explained and outlined the tenets and teachings of Razmafzar, its historical context and the required materials for its training.  The article also explains that Razmafzar is taught now under the auspices of Dr Khorasani to the general public in Noruken Dojo in Dietzenbach Germany once a week on Thursdays (7-10 p.m.).


We would like to thank Ms. Weil for conducting and writing this excellent interview.

The interview of the American Publisher Freelance Academy Press with Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani about his research, projects and his last book "Persian Archery and Swordsmanship: Historical Martial Arts of Iran".




Freelance Academy Press brings readers innovative books and rich supporting material in the field of Western martial arts, American and European history, arms and armour, chivalry, historical arts and crafts, and related adult and young adult fiction. They do this through new educational books and carefully selected, timeless reprints.

A report on Razmafzar and Scottish Swordsmanship in the local German press in Frankfurt:

Mehr Zulauf in der Schwertkampfszene

Schwertkampfszene findet immer mehr Anhänger

Frankfurt – Noch führt die Schwertkampf-Szene ein Nischendasein. Doch der Zulauf wird größer. Am 6. und 7. April wird in Hamburg das erste internationale Sabre Symposium stattfinden, bei dem sich Freunde von Hieb- und Stichwaffen untereinander austauschen und Wissen vermitteln. Von Dirk Beutel