In this section we inroduce a number of professional smiths and armourers who make excellent blades including knives, swords, etc.  Different traditional methods are used to make different types of blades (carbon steel, pattern-welded steel and crucible steel). In the following we present a number of smiths:

Sergey Gorbatko (Ukraine) is the offical armourer of Razmafzar Organization.  He holds a a MSc in Computer Systems, Control and automation from the Kremenchug State National Polytechnic University known as M. Ostrogradsky. He worked in the area of robotics in Moscow (Russia) for some years.  He also has special artistic education and special education for welding types and equipment. In 2003 he set up a combat team on historical fencing known as "WERWOLF".  he has been practicing ken-Jutsu, Naginata-Jutsu and Jari-Jutsu. He has been making historical armor and other protective  since 2003. MORE

Anssi Ruusuvuori (Finland): Part-time knife maker

Number of knives made: About 200 (priced from 150 euro to 1650 euro)

Production: About 8 - 12 piece a year; Awards: National champion in knife making Fiskars 2002 + several other prizes during 1996 - 2011

Knives on sale since 1996 at Helsinki Design Forum Shop and directly from the maker . . . More

Hossein Farajian (Iran) was a famed late Iranian smith who was born in Zanjan, Iran. He died on Saturday 26 of Esfand [17 March 2007]. He learned his craft as an apprentice to the late famed master smith Mr. Yahya Yaghubi. It is important to know that the pieces made by the late Ostad Haj Hossein Farajian are displayed in the Muzeye Sanaye Dasti Iran (The Museum of Handicraft) in Tehran.. .  More

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