Razmafzar organization has members and candidates.  New entries start as a candidate and after proving themselves might be considered as a full member.  Currently Razmafzar Organization has 16 full members from eight different countries. Razmafzar Organization is divided into four areas of responsibilities: The research team, the fighting team, the smiths and armorers team and the editorial team. Some members also work in more than one field. Depending on the group they are active, the members are responsible for:

  • determining strategic management and developing policies for Razmafzar organization;
  • taking part in decision-making processes for appointing new members;
  • coordinating all marketing and public relation activities;
  • finding out and monitoring the progress of Razmafzar instructors and deciding on their certification program;
  • cooperating and monitoring the activities of editorial team members;
  • taking active part in Razmafzar training and fighting activities;
  • doing research on all topics related to Persian and Iranian arms and armor from Ancient Iran to the end of the Qajar period and beyond;
  • artifact anaylsis related to arms and armor such as the identification of arms and armor kept in museums and private collections;
  • analyzing the depiction of Iranian arms and armor on non-weapon artifacts such as vases, seals, manuscripts, coins, carpets, paintings, drawings, miniatures and their related analysis;
  • writing articles for peer-review academic journals, military history journals, military journals, cultural journals and Iranian Studies journals;
  • writing books and monographs related to Iranian arms and armor;
  • giving talks and speechs on events and conferences related to arms and armor from Iran;
  • editing and proof reading the articles and books written by Razmafzar team members;
  • making films and documentaries about the military history of Iran.



1) Dr. Moshtagh Khorasani, Manouchehr (Germany)



2) Agius, Karl (Malta)

3) Akbarov, Nematullo Akbarov (Tajikestan)

4) Cutajar, Brendan (Malta)

5) Daenhardt, Rainer (Portugal)

6) Duka, Andrea (Germany)

7) Dwyer, Bede (Australia)

8) Emami, Kourosh (Germany)

9) Engeländer, Pettra (Germany)

10) Etezadi, Mitra (Iran)  

11) Farajian, Mohammad Reza (Iran)

12) Farrokh, Kaveh (Canada)

13) Gorbatko, Sergey (Ukraine)

14) Hosseini, Milad (Iran)

15) Hosseinzadeh, Mehdi (Germany)

16) Khatibi, Mehdi (Iran)

17) MačudaJiří  (Czech Republic)

18) Majidi, Ziya (Iran)

19) Martell, Isa (USA)

20) McMorrow, Mark (USA)

21) Mele, Gregory D. (USA)

22) Nable, Richard (USA)

23) Naderi, Saeed (Iran)

24) Nazari, Mohammad (Iran)

25) Dr. Nicolle, David (UK)

26) Perrin, Frank (USA) 

27) Pradines, Stéphane (UK)

28) Rahimi Darabadi, Farshid (Iran)

29) Ruusuvuori, Anssi (Finland)

30) Saedi, Abbas (Iran)

31) Samadi Tabar, Hossein (Iran)

32) Dr. Toichkin, Denis (Ukraine)

33) Tousi, Shahrouz (Iran) 

34) Vikatos, Ilias (Greece)

35) Mahboobe Yazdi (Iran)