Mohammad Reza Farajian (Iran) is a member of armorer and smiths team of Razmafzar and is offical smith of Razmafzar Organization. He is the only son of the late legendary smith Haj Hossein Farajian, who was one of the best if not the best contemporary smith of Iran.

He started to learn the craft of smithing from his father in 1980 making shamshir, qame, qaddare, khanjar, kard and hunting knives. In his own words, his father and he were proud to make an Egyptian kopesh for Ramses, Achaemenid akenakes, a number of qame, qaddare and shamshir under the auspices of Dr. Khorasani. They also made and sent a number of shamshir, qame and qaddare and other blades and sold them to Europe, USA, Turkey and many Arab countries. A tradition which is being set forth by Mr. Mohammad Reza Farajian.

He is the first smith who started to revive tradition of making layered steel for making steel blades. This tradition was also used to make qame and qaddare and gun barrels. Mohammad Reza has been selling layered steel blades to Turkey, Ireland, Australia and Europe. He has also made cast bronze swords, a craft which he learned from his late father. 

Mr. Farajian has engraved Achaemenid soldiers on akenakes swords. He is able to make any traditional edged weapon in the history of Iran. His works show a wide array of different sizes of blades with a wide range of decoration methods. These include gold-inlaying, gold-overlaying, filigree, enameling, horn carving and applying different inscriptions including Persian poems and suras from the Quran. It is truly fascinating that Mr. Mohammad Reza Farajian has been following the tradition of his legendary father Haj Hossein Farajian.

To see the works of Mr. Mohammad Reza Farajian see video 1, video 2 and video 3.