Shahrouz Tousi (Iran) is a member of research and combat team. Shahrouz holds a Bachelor of Information Technology. He is a member of the Cultural Institute of Afraz dedicated to the research in Iranian studies with a established print magazine. He has been working for Afraz Cultural Institute for 4 years holding Cultural and Scientific Confrences and Festivals dedicated to the Iranian Studies. He played a key role in organizaing the events “Cyrus the Great Congress” and “Persian Cypress Awards” also played also a crucial role in different cultural campaigns for Iranian culture and history. 

Mr. Tousi is a specialist of network management, database management and designing websites and web and mobile applications. He also makes movie clips and motion graphics. One of his clips for Razmafzar organizations is: Video 1 

Another video clip made by Mr. Shahrouz Tousi for Razmafzar is the following: Video 2

Shahrouz is a practitioner of ninjutsu and also trains Razmafzar.