Mr. Rainer Daehnhardt (Portugal) is a distinguished member of Razmafzar Research Team and Organization. Mr. Daehnhardt is a renowned military historian and weapon analyst who has published 80 books (including re-editions and translations) and over 600 print articles (including re-editions and translations) in five languages. In 1972, the Portuguese Government approved his election as the President of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Armas Antigas (Portuguese Society of Antique Weapons) (published in the Government newspaper on February 16, 1972). The society is a scientific association dedicated to the analysis and study of the Portuguese culture concerning the antique arms and armor. Mr. Daenhardt represented Portugal in dozens of international congresses and managed to discover and bring back a large number of important Portuguese works of art and artifacts back to Portugal. Mr. Daenhardt is an expert in antique arms and armor and he was asked to act as an expert by both the major branches of the Portuguese Armed Forces and legal and scientific entities, both on national and international levels. He has organized more than a hundred cultural exhibitions exclusively based on his own collection. Mr. Daebhardt also participated in another hundred national and international exhibitions. He has participated in more than fifty historical documentaries on TVs in Portugal, Japan, the United States, Brazil, France, Germany and Spain. Mr. Rainer Daehnhardt has taught as a visiting lecturer and expert in more than two hundred lectures on three continents These notably include:

  • Smithonian Institut, Washington (USA),
  • Harvard Club, New York (USA), 
  • Arizona Historical Society, Phoenix, Arizona (USA),
  • American Society of Arms Collectors, El Paso, Texas (USA),
  • Isaac Newton Institute, London (UK),
  • Escola Naval, Alfeite (Portugal),
  • Academia da Marinha, Lisbon (Portugal),
  • Sociedade de Geografia, Lisbon (Portugal),
  • Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Lisbon (Portugal),
  • Fundação Gulbenkian, Lisbon (Portugal),
  • Escola Prática de Infantaria, Mafra (Portugal),
  • Regimento de Infantaria Um, Queluz (Portugal),
  • Universidade dos Açores, Ponta Delgada (Portugal)
  • Universidade Lusíada, Lisbon (Portugal),
  • Instituto Vasco da Gama, Pangim (Portugal)


Mr. Daehnhardt is a member of Academia da Marinha, Sociedade de Geografia, Grémio Literário de Lisboa, American Society of Arms Collectors, Arms and Armour Society, Board of Ordenance Society, and Gesellschaft für Historische Waffen und Kostümkunde, among others.

Mr. Rainer Daehnhardt was awarded Vasco da Gama Medal by the Portuguese Navy which was delivered to him precisely on the 500 aniversary of Vasco da Gama's arrival at Kapadivum beach (near Calicut [now Kozhikode], India). Having largely withdrawn from his commercial and academic activities, he is dedicating his time to the study of the Austro-Hungarian and German Empires at the Portuguese Court which build up the basis for a huge number of documents and artufacts in the Museu-Luso-Alemão (Portuguese-German Museum) proving the good relationship and connections between the Portuguese and German cultures.

Mr. Daenhardt is the son of a Portuguese mother and a German father and a descendant of the family of diplomats, merchants and soldiers who partially settled in Portugal already in 1706, but mostly starting from the 19th century.  Among his family members, there were seven General Consuls and two Counselors of the Kings of Portugal. His grandfather, Baron Ernst von Weyhe, received the Tower and Sword from the hands of D. Pedro IV after the Siege of Oporto. Other ancestors of Mr. Denhardt received in recognition of their services for Portugal Cruz de Cristo (Cross of Christ) and Medalha de Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Vila Viçosa (Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Viçosa).

Mr. Daenhardt studied with W. Keith Neal (Master of the Worshipful Gunmaker's Company of London), Dr. John Hayward (Victoria & Albert Museum, London) and Dr. Arne Hoff (Tojhusmuseet, Copenhagen). he also studied at The Tower of London and the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

Books on Historical Arms and Armor

In the following a selection of books by Mr. Rainer Daenhardt on historical arms and armor is presented:

  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1961). Einzelne Stücke meiner Antiquitätensammlung. Author’s edition.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1970). Coleccionar Armas Antigas, Edition Sala das Armas, Cascais.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1971). A Sociedade Portuguesa de Armas Antigas. Edition Sala das Armas, Cascais.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1972). Estatutos da Portuguese Academy of Antique Arms. Edition SPAA.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1974). Espingarda Perfeyta-The Perfect Gun. Sotheby-Parke Bernet, London & New York.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1975). Espingardaria Portuguesa. FN, Viana do Castelo.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1988). Pecúnia Insulana. Caixa Económica Açoreana, Ponta Delgada.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1990). Alguns Segredos da História Luso-Alemã. Pesquisa Histórica, Lisbon.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1991). A Missão Templária nos Descobrimentos. Nova Acrópole, Lisbon.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1993). Páginas Secretas da História de Portugal. Vol. 1, Nova Acrópole, Lisbon.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1994). Páginas Secretas da História de Portugal. Vol. 2, Nova Acrópole, Lisbon.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1994). Espingarda Feiticeira-The Bewitched Gun. Texto Editora, Cacém.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1994). Portugal, a Missão que Falta Cumprir. Nova Acrópole, Lisbon.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1996). Homens, Espadas e Tomates. Nova Acrópole, Lisbon.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1997). Potes de Especiarias na Naus das Carreiras das Índias. Museu de Marinha, Lisbon.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1998). Acerca das Armaduras de D. Sebastião. Publicações Quipu, Lisbon.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1999). Mulheres de Armas e Coragem. Publicações Quipu, Lisbon. 
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (1999). O Homem e a Arma - A Humanidade no Caminho da Auto-Extinção. Quipu, Lisbon.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (2000). O Cavalo e o Homem. Serviço Nacional Coudélico, Coudelaria de Alter do Chão.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (2000). Horse and Man - A Millenary Relationship. Coudelaria de Alter do Chão.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (2006). O Perdão dos Templários. Edições Zéfiro, Sintra.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer (2007). Codex Templi. Edições Zéfiro, Sintra.
  • Daenhardt, Rainer, (2009). Segredos da Descoberta da Austrália pelos Portugueses. Zéfiro, Sintra.