Kourosh Emami (Hamburg, Germany) is a member of fighting team of Razmafzar Organization. He has been practicing martial arts over twenty years.  He is an experienced wrestler with years of practical experience.  He has been also practicinng Muaythai and boxing for years.  Additionally, he is a certified security specialist and bodyguard and has been workinng for different companies provding security for personnel and buildings.  He used to work as a security personnel leader for different big clubs in Germany.  Mr. Emami is an avid practitioner of Razmafzar.  His areas of specialty are war wrestling and mace techniques. His expertise in Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling helps him a lot in understanding the concepts of war wrestling. His long experience in security business and street defense are a major asset for Razmafzar self-defence program.


Mr. Emami presented Razmafzar in a documentation on Iranians "Deutschland um die Welt" dealing with living in Hamburg Germany on German channel 1Plus (SWR). Mr. Pierre M. Krause visited many Iranians living in Hamburg, Germany among them musicians, rappers, restaurant owners, businessman and our Razmafzar Team Leader and trainer Mr. Kourosh Emami who is not only an experienced fullcontact fighter (Razmafzar, wrestling, Muaythai). Link