Seminar "Corporate Ethics and CSR"

Corporate Ethics and CSR is designed to present and discuss the concept of ethics in the business world. We will discuss the shift from a pure “Shareholder Value” driven economy to a “Stakeholder” based economy and we will elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of both free enterprise system and social market economy as economic systems. We will discuss the place of ethics in a profitibility driven economic system and elaborate on ethical frameworks.


Our suggestion: 2 days for the start up session
1 day for a follow-up session after six months

We can also design a tailor-made seminar based on your needs.


10-15 participants


Upon request

Details about the seminar "Corporate Ethics and CSR"


  • To understand the modern theories of ethics and business ethics
  • To understand the constant challenge of seeking profitibility and respecting moral issues (economic vs. moral conflicts)
  • To under consequential and non-consequential ethical frameworks
  • To elaborate on four major ethical frameworks (deontology, consequentialism, virtue ethics and care ethics)
  • To comprehend the role of conformity and obedience and their mechanics
  • To discuss the importance of double effect theory and its ethical ramifications
  • To understand the nature of CSR and differentiate between various CSR models in global settings
  • To implement CSR models
  • To apply the RADAR system in corporations to deal with ethical dilemmas
  • To understand the role of diversity, ethical leadership and respect of human rights as new elements of CSR

Target Groups

Employess with management function involved in international business, executives and managers leading international departments and divisions, expatriots and delegates, all employees involved in international merger and/or acquisition processes.


  • Definitions of Ethics
  • Shareholder Valus vs. Stakeholder Value
  • Ethics and Economic Systems
  • Ethical Frameworks (Deontology, Utilitarianism, Virtue Ethics, Care Ethics)
  • Doctrine of Double Effect
  • Conformity and Obedience
  • The Role of Whistleblowing
  • Corruption and its Definitions
  • CSR and its Models
  • RADAR SYSTEM and Ethics
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Integration
  • Different Types of Discrimination


Lecture, discussions, case studies, work in groups, roleplays.

In the following some of the intercultural management tools we work on during the seminar are presented briefly.

Purpose of Corporate ethics
  • Definition of tasks, interests, intentions, assumptions and challenges
  • Objectivity of ethics: feelings, religion, law, society's expectations
  • Morality vs. Profitibility
Social responsibility, ethics and morals
  • Social responsibility, managerial ethics, morals
  • Stages of cognitive moral development
ethical frameworks
  • Deontology (principle-based ethics)
  • Consequentialism (utilitariansim)
  • Virtue ethics
  • Care ethics
  • Doctrine of double effect
Conformity and obedience
  • Normative influence
  • Informational influence
  • Peer pressure
  • Power relationship
radar system

A five-step procedure to work on Corporate Social Responsibility Problems:

  • Recognize
  • Assess
  • Decide
  • Act
  • Review
corporate governance and responsibility in the field of globalization
  • CSR Pyramid
  • Implentation of corporate ethics
  • Corporate Governance concepts in the USA and Europe
  • Corporate responsibility
Case Studies

Different topics on ethical and CSR issues:

  • Discrimination at workplace
  • Missing money
  • Shipping hazardous goods
  • Dressing code
  • Surviving hard financial years
  • Disabilities
  • Parole and employment practices